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Norcal Equestrian Ride for M.S. 2015


Through our love of the horse and trail, a group of Country BabyGirls has come together to raise awareness and money for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. The NorCal Equestrian Challenge Ride for MS 2015 is about challenging ourselves, as an equestrian partnership, just as those with Multiple Sclerosis challenge themselves daily.

Inspired by the SoCal Coastal Challenge (Bicycle) Ride for MS and the Criminal Minds Team support of this event, the Country BabyGirls came together to create an equestrian event for NorCal in similar fashion. Each horse and rider partnership will ride up to 25 miles on trail at our local Folsom SRA in a single day.

Those with MS must accept challenging new ways to accomplish many things once so easy for them. Walking, talking, the use of anything that requires the brain to work properly can present a challenge. Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is when one's immune system seeks out the nerve pathways of the Central Nervous System and attacks them, leading to the disruption of impulses along those pathways. The cause of MS is unknown and it affects an estimated 2.3 million people worldwide. National M.S. Society

While there have been some improvements in being able to manage the symptoms of MS, there is no cure for this disease. We will ride to raise awareness of this fact and to raise money to fight for a cure.

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2015 Fundraising goal: $20,000.00

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